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Nothing beats natural lighting from a quality skylight installation. Your Penticton property might boast the best LED lights or some extraordinary new technology to brighten your home, yet that doesn’t compete with sunlight. We are naturally inclined to prefer and seek natural light from the sun, the best way to get this is through a skylight in the roofing. Penticton homeowners might feel like with enough windows facing east and west they will be able to get the most natural light into their homes. They often forget about skylights. Skylights have traditionally been nothing else than windows on your roof. Today’s technology has improved what a skylight can do for your home, as well as giving more options about where a skylight can be installed on your roof. Impossible to compare to previous generations, skylights today are more reliable and easier to maintain than ever before. Obviously, the main benefit of installing a skylight in a room is gaining access to sunlight through the roof on your Penticton home. Because sunlight is free, a skylight automatically saves a homeowner money, and it makes their house more energy-efficient too.


Choosing a skylight depends on the type of lighting you desire and where on your roof it can be installed. In the past, skylights used to be nothing more than just glass on a frame on the roof. While there are still traditional skylights available and are even recommended for certain homes, a more sophisticated glazing alternative involves plastic-domes, insulation and coatings to control heat and UV radiation. These newer plastics provide more durability and malleability, and domes perform way better than glass when absorbing light from all angles. Regarding functionality, there have always been two types: fixed skylights, and vented skylights. Fixed ones refer to windows that only allow light to come in, whereas vented skylights provide the ability to be opened and closed, allowing for ventilation. The aperture systems are varied as well. These can be manual, or automatic and controlled remotely. The formers are usually more robust and durable, whereas the latter can be more fragile – due to all the electric system involved – but way more practical on a day-to-day basis. Fixed skylights were usually mere windows in the past, but nowadays there are tubular systems that not only allow for any room of a house to be skylight ready, but also provide much better sunlight, as well as allowing some form of ventilation, and daylight dimmers. The last two things to consider when choosing a skylight is the type of roofing structure of your Penticton home, which must be appropriate for skylight installation, and the cost of the operation. Skylight prices vary greatly, and the cost of purchase and installation is not the only number that matters. If the choice is made over a cheaper but inferior skylight, then energy efficiency might drop, and that can be reflected in your power bill after the renovation, whereas a more expensive but superior product can be more expensive up front, but a good investment in the long run.

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