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A slate roof is just beautiful we at Big Guns Roofing believe the quality of a slate roof on your Langley property is paramount. Without a doubt, hot weather works perfectly with slate roofing. Not only is this type of roofing gorgeous, but it is also perfectly durable for the conditions in the Langley area. Roofing slates can last for close to one hundred years, slate roofing is also high quality, and very heavy duty. This means that not every Langley home’s exterior and guttering is able to support this style of roofing, as entire structures can crumble under its weight. These types of slate are known for resisting hailstorms, high-speed winds and other natural disasters, such as wildfire. That is only one of the advantages of choosing a Langley roofer your slate roofing needs. There are other options for your Langley property including metal roofing, shingle roofing and all these depend on whether a number of factors including whether you have a flat roof, low slope roof or are looking for commercial or residential roofing.


It was mentioned before that slate is very long-lasting and is very sturdy. Many manufacturers will offer up to fifty years of warranty on your roofing; this alone says a lot. Not only that, but slate roofing will never rot the way wood does, nor rust like metal roofing can. You can forget about insect damage too. Slate is very environmentally friendly, for two simple reasons; the materials used are earth minerals which can be 100% recycled when removed; and also, because their heavy thermal mass acts as heat insulation for your Langley home and can provide energy efficiency when regulating indoor temperatures. Lastly, other benefits of slate roofing are the fact that, since they are sturdy and durable, they need almost no roofing maintenance, so roof repair costs are kept to a minimum.

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