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Ice Dam Clearing

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How do Ice Dams Form?

Ice dams begin to form when heat builds up in your attic and melts snow on your roof, but not at the eaves. The melted snow runs down to the eaves and begins to freeze again, resulting in damage to shingles and even gutter collapse. As more snow melts, the ice builds up and backs up under the shingles resulting in leaks and damage to the roof.

Call the Experts:

When dealing with ice dams, the immediate problem should be addressed by calling us. We will take a look at your individual issue and devise a plan to remove it before it does more damage. During that process we will also advise you on how to prevent future ice dams, and assess any damage that the ice dam may have already caused.

Do Not Climb On Your Roof:

An ice dam scenario is a very dangerous situation and you should never be tempted to climb on your roof. Trying to remove the ice dam with a shovel or hammer can result in more damage to your roof or gutters, and working from a ladder can result in large chunks of ice falling on you or the ladder.


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