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A Abbotsford property gains distinction in many ways, not many of those can compete with having the best-looking house in the neighbourhood. Shingle Roofing is a sure way to have your Abbotsford house rise above the rest. A good choice of paint, beautiful openings, some nice cladding, they are all good options when deciding what gives your Abbotsford home its best look. However, nothing can compete with a house with shingle roofing. Roofing is not very flashy or ostentatious, its main task is protecting your house’s integrity and structure. However, there is no need to sacrifice looks over functionality when it comes to roofing. Few roofs look better than a shingle roof chosen with a sense of style in mind. Nevertheless, there are many shingle roof styles out there to choose from, each with their own advantage and disadvantages.


Composite shingles are the newest type of shingle roofing available for your Abbotsford property. These are shingles that can replicate a very natural look of wood or slate thanks to the material used in their creation: plastic. Composite offers much of the same benefits of other roofing, such as water, heat and impact resistance. It does not provide the same level of insulation as other shingles, though. Wooden shingles can provide an excellent look to your Abbotsford roofing, yet they can also prove to be a dangerous fire hazard. Not recommended for dry and hot weathers, this type of roofing shingles is often made out of cedar, spruce or pine, and are on the cheaper end of the spectrum. Slate and clay shingles share many qualities, such as being high cost and very heavy for your roofing structure. Slate shingles, the most expensive style, can also provide the longest lifespan as well as an exceptionally low risk of leakage for your Abbotsford Roof. Clay and concrete ones, on the other hand, are non-combustible and very energy efficient. However, nothing beats metal shingles in energy efficiency or lifespan. The copper, steel or aluminium the shingles are made out of reflects the sunlight and therefore helps in reducing heat absorption of a home. Also, the useful life of roofing of this type can last up to seven decades. The cheapest of material for your Abbotsford shingle roofing is asphalt. This type of shingle can also prove to be the most lightweight, so it is available for all types of roofing structures. Obviously, the main drawback is its potentially short lifespan and its susceptibly to temperature fluctuations. Whichever shingle style you choose for your Abbotsford home, the choice needs to be informed.

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